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Kristina believes in equal access to justice. She wants to make legal services attainable to as many people as possible.
She charges sliding scale fees to clients who are referred to her through the Collaborative Community Law Initiative and are income eligible.

Family Law:

Has a change been coming for a while now? Or it may be sudden. A divorce, a custody dispute, or visitation rights can get complicated. Perhaps you were just ordered to mediation with someone who never compromises. Maybe you're feeling demonized by the other side or it doesn't feel like a fair fight. I can be your voice. You will be heard. I care about relationships and I care about the one you share with your family.


Housing discrimination of all kinds is real. It can be a denied security deposit that the landlord did not reimburse you or, maybe a lease violation that actually is not, I can help. Then a lease violation may also trigger an unjust eviction. Many find themselves in an unjust or unfair situation but they do not know what rights they have.


I like to help people resolve conflict whenever possible. It may be a dispute with your employer or an FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) issue. You may be the main caretaker for your loved one. You might be hoping to resolve things without being "that" person at work. Then again, when needed, I can help you take that stand. I work hard to make sure my clients are treated fairly.

Unbundled Services:

Can't afford full representation? Paloma JBP Law Services can help by offering a la carte services. This means that I represent you for a portion of your case, and you represent yourself for the remainder. Not only does this approach save money, but gives you more control over the process.​

This method offers great flexibility in how you want your representation to look. If you do not see your concern listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you. We charge a flat fee for most services in this category, so you know exactly what your cost will be.

• Document Drafting
​• Court Appearances
​• Contract Review
​​• Demand Letters
​​• Negotiating Settlements
​​• Incremental Representation - full representation for the first part of the case, and the client takes over at an agreed-upon point.

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